Episode #4 – Assessing Student Learning

Episode #4: Mark and Heather discuss strategies for assessing student performance on the PBL’s standards.


Episode #3 – The Driving Question and Workshopping

Episode #3:  Mark and Heather discuss the importance of the Driving Question and strategies for workshopping the PBL’s standards to ensure success on the final product.

Resources for Generating the Driving Question:





Episode #2 – Planning and Launching a PBL

Episode #2: Mark and Heather discuss the first stages of Project-Based Learning, including planning strategies, the launch process, and creating Knows / Need to Knows.


How does PBL Work? (Edutopia)

PBL Planning Forms (BIE)

Project Summary (Recommended for High School): Project Summary

Sample Entry Documents:

Episode # 1 – An Overview

Episode #1 is here! Mark and Heather discuss the fundamentals of Project-Based Learning.

Episode Length: 20:00

Published on Mon, 04 Dec 2017.


Episode #0 – Mic Check

Episode #0 Coming at you! (Is 0 a number?)

This is just a mic check. Hopefully, after Mark and Heather hear how they sound, they won’t regret committing to hosting a podcast.